Titanverst?rkte, teles-
kopierende Zahnbr?cken

Titanium-reinforced telescopic bridges

Dental implants as support for prosthetic solutions is a professional common method with a good prediction.

There are a lot of situations, where implant supported dental restorations are not indicated, for example in cases of progressive bone loss, caused by periodontal disease. Therefor we have alternative solutions wich can be realized in an adequate time and expense.

For several years we are successful with removable titanium reinforced telescopic bridges. These impress with fantastic aesthetic and future-proof. By using this technology we eliminate the risk of eventually incomprehensible complications so as the loss of implants, bone loss, intolerance or incompatibility, thermal irritation


Professional mode telescopic bridges have many advantages

  • - highly aesthetics, because it looks like a fixed bridge
    - extreme stability and durability due to the titanium reenforcement
    - cost-effective extensibility in case of father tooth loss
    - stabilization of periodontal compromised teeth in composition to fixed prosthetics
    - removable and easy to handle and maintain
    - very good tolerance and physiological compatibility
    - no thermal load (no effects by cold and hot food)
    - even more reasonable in price than a implant denture
    - very low in weight because of the titanium